Troy Tour From Istanbul – Day Trip

If you want to make a day trip to the Troy Ancient City, our Troy tour from Istanbul will be the best option for you. Book this tour with the best prices!
Troy Tour from Istanbul
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Troy Day Tour

Troy Ancient City is one of the must-visit places in Turkey. If you join the Troy day tour, you will see the real Trojan Horse that was used in the movie of Troy. And also, there is a replica of the horse. You can climb up to the horse and take a picture. You will see all of the Troy Ancient City when you join our Troy day tour from Istanbul.

It is possible to combine Troy tour with the Gallipoli tour. If you want to combine, please feel free to contact us.

  • Battle between Achilles and Hector, The 3200 years old city walls of Troy VI and VII, The East gate of VI (VIP entrance of Troy VI), The Temple of Athena, Walls of Troy II and Megaron House, Walls of Troy I (The oldest ruins of Troy), The trench of Schliemann, The ramp of Troy II, The Scaean Gate, The Gate of Troy VI (Where possibly the tricky wooden horse was taken), Sanctuary (Sacrificing Altars), Roman Bath, Odeon (Music theater), South gate of Troy VI, Bouleuterion, Ruins of agora (Marketplace)
Tour Itinerary

06:30 am – Our staff will come to your hotel. You will be transferred to the Canakkale. We will stop for breakfast (not included).

11:45 am – We will arrive in Eceabat and we will go to a local restaurant. After the lunch break (included), we will drive to the Troy area.

12:45 am – You will arrive in Canakkale. Here, you will meet with our tour guide and the Troy tour will be started.

Firstly, we will drive to the city center for the Trojan Horse. This wooden-made monument was used in the famous movie of Troy. Our tour guide will tell you everything about this monument. After that, we will drive to the Troy Ancient City.

Upon arrival Troy, we will get into the ancient city. And, we will see the replica of Trojan Horse. You will have a chance to climb up on this wooden-made monument. You will understand how they conqueror the Troy city by using this horse. For sure, you will take great pictures on the Trojan Horse.

After the Trojan Horse, we will keep continuing our Troy day tour. We will walk between the city walls. While you are walking between the city walls, our well-trained tour guide will give information about what did cause the war (Detailed information about Helen of Troy). After that, we will go to the area of the battle between Achilles and Hector. In the ancient city, you will able to see the baths, theatre, marketplace (Agora). We will walk to the ruins of Temple of Athena (Greeks army destroyed it).

When all places are visited (all the places mentioned in the highlights section), our Troy day tour from Istanbul will be ended. You will be transferred to the Istanbul and you will arrive in Istanbul at 22:00 pm.

Inclusion & Exclusion

Professional English speaking guide.
Transportation with A/C.
Flight Tickets
All transportation fees & tickets
Lunch (Drinks are extra)

Cost of the swimming

Departure Time: 06:00 am
Returning Time: 22:00 pm

Brief Info About the Sights

Troy Ancient City

Troy (Troya) is located in Canakkale city of Turkey. The famous Trojan Wars happened here. Troy Ancient City is in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1996. In 18070, a German archeologist discovered this place. Today, so many discovered antique staffs is exhibited in Turkey, Germany, and Russia.

Troy Ancient City is so close to Ephesus and Miletus Ancient Cities. The purpose of building this place was a creating harbor city. In time, it became an unimportant city because of the Karamenderes River. Because of that, after the attack, this city is abandoned.

Troy Ancient City Map
Troy Tour Map


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