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A – You are currently viewing the reservation website for the Sec Turizm Ltd company hereinafter referred to as Sec Turizm.

In concordance with the present law, please read the Terms of Use and any other specific conditions presented on the pages of the Website – from here on referred to as T&C (terms & conditions), that regulate your use of the www.istanbultrips.com  and your relationship with Sec Turizm. These Terms concern your legal rights and responsibilities that are applied when using this website.

www.istanbultrips.com belongs to the Sec Turizm Ltd with the head office at Sehremini Mah. Sair Mehmet Emin Sok. Fatih Istanbul, that is registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of TURSAB Licence No: 6250.

www.istanbultrips.com offers various tourist services and particularly excursions, tours, visits, recreational, cultural and gastronomic discovery activities.

All reservations are done on this website imply the full acceptance of the T&C and the payment of the amounts due with respect to the bookings made.

T&C can be updated and amended without notice at any moment. It is compulsory that the User consults the website and the Terms & Conditions regularly. The updates apply as of when they are published on this website.

B – Order on www.istanbultrips.com  website / Use of the website

  1. This Website is accessible freely for your own personal use, being subject to the regulations defined below. Your use of the website implies the full acceptance of all Terms and Conditions.
  2. Your utilization of the www.istanbultrips.com website or any website affiliated with it is intended for personal and non-commercial use and/or to make legal inquiries to reserve the products or services offered on the website. You agree not to use the website to make speculative, false or fraudulent requests. You agree not use any automated means like robots in order to access this website unless otherwise authorized by www.istanbultrips.com
  3. This Website is intended to assist the User searching for Services related to travel and tourism, and to help him/her make the according to reservations. The User must be 18 years old at least and be able to legally enter and use the Website according to the General Terms.
  4. The Website can only be used in order to make reservations of purchases for legitimate purposes. It is not allowed any use or misuse of end purpose, including those purposes opposed to Public Order and Morality.
  5. Failing to comply with the T&C, we have the right to prohibit or restrict, in whole or in part, your ability to use or access all or parts of the Website. This can be applied without any prejudice for losses or damages.
  6. Excepting those cases of fraud where you have the responsibility to provide proof of the fraud, you alone are responsible financially for these actions on the Website, including the misuse of your e-mail address and password. You also guarantee the validity and accuracy of the information you provided on the Website.
  7. Any download, reproduction, copy, re-publication, broadcast, transmission or other uses of the content on the Website (like texts, images, URLs, prices, etc.) for other than personal, non-commercial use is prohibited strictly.
  8. Any other use of the content on www.istanbultrips.com needs the previous written permission of Sec Turizm.
  9. You can terminate the T&C at any time simply by closing the account you opened on the Website and discontinuing using all parts of the Website.

C – Reservation

Most services offered on www.istanbultrips.com are subject to availability. If the selected service on the Website is not available, no other claims can be made.

All reservations will be considered effective upon receiving the voucher by the customer and not upon receiving the payment confirmation sent by Istanbul Trips.

Users must accept the Terms & Conditions of the Website and the Specific Partners Conditions that could apply in some cases in order to be able to order a service on the Website.

The order confirmation that contains the essential elements, such as ordered service(s) and the price will be sent to the User by e-mail within a short time after the date of the order.


The prices stated on the Website are per person, apart from those stated in the shopping cart. Prices mentioned include all taxes unless specified otherwise.

Prices mentioned are subject to change with no notice and will become final only after receipt of confirmation. The pricing is not in itself a guarantee.

Prices include all the services mentioned in the description of each tour or activity.

Prices stated on the website are only valid for reservations made online, directly on the website.

Listed promotions are only valid on the Website and they cannot be purchased on other sales channels. These promotions have certain characteristics, especially the mentioned dates.

Prices mentioned on the website do not include tips to tour guides, drivers or local guides, passport or visa fees, luggage and personal insurance, items for personal use, food and beverages or any other purpose not included in the service descriptions.


  • – Payment has to be done at the time of reservation by credit or debit card through the secure payment system present on the website.
  • – Payment will be made at the time of booking by credit or debit card only, through the secure payment system, with no extra cost.
  • – Full payment has to be made in order to confirm a reservation.
  • – The price of the reserved service on the Website is charged directly on the credit or debit card. In case a certain service cannot be confirmed due to unavailability, the price of the services that are not available will be re-credited to the card in a maximum 3-7 business day.
  • – IstanbulTrips.com  accepts the following payment methods: MasterCard, Visa.
  • – The payment will be shown on the bank statement under the name Sec Turizm



The order of a service will be finally confirmed after receiving the voucher that will be sent to the provided e-mail address in order to confirm the approval of the order.

The customer has to read the voucher in the e-mail or the website if it permits, to access this voucher he is responsible for printing the voucher.

The customer has to print the voucher before the departure and present this printed form of the voucher to the service provider, otherwise, the reservation cannot be considered valid.

In order to avoid any fraud, further, identification could be required, like the presentation of the card used for payment, as well as signing the voucher.

The bank card in itself is not considered proof of purchase.


The customer can request changing of a reservation unless the reserved services are listed as “cannot be changed or canceled”.

Changing the date of the reservation is never guaranteed and will be done according to availability.

All change requests have to be sent to info@istanbultrips.com  with the necessary information like reservation number, the name of the customer, date of service and reference. These requests will be processed in the shortest amount of time.

As specified, no change of date or cancellation can be made for those services listed as “cannot be cancelled or modified”, or those that take place on special dates.


All requests for service cancellation or changing of reservations should be sent to the e-mail address: info@istanbultrips.com  specifying the number of the reservation, name of the customer, reference and the date of the reservation. The request will be processed as soon as possible.

All interruption of the tours or services during their delivery, at the demand of the customer, will not give the right to any refunds. All customers that arrive after the start time of each tour or service will be considered a “no-show” and not entitled to refunds, no matter the reason.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or alter certain tours without prior notice if the safety or comfort of the passengers is influenced in case exceptional situations closure of landmarks that are not linked to the activity of the organizer.

J -Claims

Claims have to be sent and received no later than 45 days from the date of the tour. Claims have to be sent by e-mail to info@istanbultrips.com or to our postal address.


K – Responsibilities

The schedule, program, and length of each tour or activity can change at any time. The price of each tour or activity includes all the services contained in the description of each tour or activity.

L – Photos and illustrations

All efforts are made in order to provide photos or illustrations that show the User an overview of the offered services. These images and illustrations are only supplied in order to show the User what type of accommodation and the comfort degree and do not imply any commitment past that purpose.

M – Personal effects

Sec Turizm and its partners will not be held accountable and do not guarantee the return of any personal items or luggage that is left in tour vehicles or any other place.

N- Documents

The User has the responsibility to show that he/she is in possession of the documents necessary for its visit and that he/she has the visa and passport in order to identify its identity. In case of lack or loss of the documents, no refunds will be given to the User.


O – Data

– The information supplied by the User on the Website is only used to process and fill the orders made.

– The data needed to process and fill reservations is marked with an asterisk in the Website.

– Other information requested that is marked as optional and regards the interests of the User is only used to know better the User and to send offers for services, as well as to improve these offered services.

P – Cookies

When visiting the website, a “cookie” (tiny text file) will be created and saved on the hard drive of your computer. This cookie will identify you when you visit the website so we can improve the website navigation and personalize the experience you have online.

We gather other technical information about your computer at any time you have a page open on our website. This information could include your IP (Internet Protocol), what operating system you use, what browser you use, as well as the website from where you come from if this is available. We only gather this data in order the increase the quality of your online experience on our website. We never sell or make public this information to any other parties.

We utilize website analytics tool software that gives us information, as well as a service that will track the activities of the Users on the website. Whenever you are utilizing the website, we use cookies in order to track and receive anonymous data about the search activity on the website. This tool only allows us to improve the online experience and make the website more user-friendly. It is under no circumstances used to gather your personal information and is never matched to the user profiles of Users registered on the website.

Almost all browsers have cookies automatically enabled and accept them; however, you can delete or reject any enabled cookies. Considering that each browser is different, you should see the Help page of your browser and learn how to change the cookie preferences. The Website will remain the same and the experience is not affected by these changes.

R- Security

In order to warrant the security of the User and insure a greater confidentiality, the Website uses an encryption SSL 256 bit.

Upon the transfer of data over the network, the number of the credit or debit card and other personal information from various forms will be automatically encrypted.

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system will automatically encode all information prior to being transferred over the network.

When the information reaches our server, it is decrypted using a SSL key that will allow our browser to connect the Website and begin negotiating a secure channel of communication. The used SSL is developed by COMODO.

S – Intellectual Property

Sec Turizm has the intellectual ownership of property rights to everything contained on the Website.

Consequently, it is strictly prohibited the reproductions, modification, transfer or use of any or all parts of the website, unless you have the express prior permission of Sec Turizm. However, partial reproduction is somewhat tolerated only for private purposes.

The resell of services or using the website for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden, unless a written permission is given before by Sec Turizm.

Sec Turizm would like to give thanks to all the owners of the photographs used on the website


T – Governing Law and Competent Court

Customers agree and accept that is will indemnify Sec Turizm from and against any kind of damage or loss that Sec Turizm could suffer due to the breach of the obligations of the Customer that are stipulated in this T&C hereby upon the first request of Sec Turizm.

These General Terms are governed by Turkish law. Any dispute concerning their interpretation and/or execution of this Agreement hereby is referred to the Courts and Execution Offices of Istanbul Centre.

U – Passports, Visas & Insurance

The Customer has the responsibility to check the entry requirements, particularly visa and health requirements for Turkey, as these are subject to change. We also advise that Customers purchase comprehensive Travel Insurance Policies prior to departing. Many of these policies will reimburse in case of cancellation or alteration of travel dates.


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