Islamic Religious Sites Tour in Istanbul

If you want to see all the Islamic places in Istanbul, we strongly suggest you join this Islamic tour in Istanbul with the best price guarantee.
Istanbul Islamic Tour
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Islamic Tour in Istanbul

We offer you a grand and intensive tour that will guide you through the inspiring sites of the Islamic religion. Istanbul has been and continues to be a religious center for centuries. No other place on earth has seen so many civilizations come and go like Istanbul. Each of them had their own religion and most of the time these major religions coexisted in harmony. No other city in the world is blended by so many nuances and shades. Spread on two continents, Istanbul has meant the center of the world at some time in history. After the Ottoman period, the Islamic religion spread throughout the city, leaving behind magnificent sites of worship, prayer or rest, as well as purely artistic attractions. Embark on this unique morning Istanbul tour through the most important Islamic sites.

  • Underground Mosque (Yeralti Camii) - Edirnekapi & City Walls - Eyup Mosque and Cemetery - Tomb of Hz. Vehb Bin Huseyre - Tomb of Amr Bin As - Tomb of Sufyan Bin Uyeyne - Tomb of Hz. Sube ( RA ) Sahabei Ikr. - Tomb of Hz. Hafir - Tomb of Hz. Abdullah El-Hudri - Tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda - Tomb of Hz. Abdulsiddik Bin Amir - Tomb of Hz. Ebu Seybetul Huri - Tomb of Hz. Muhammed-Ul Ensari - Tomb of Hz. Ahmad El Ensari - Tomb of Hz. Kaap ( RA ) - Tomb of Hz. Hamidullah El Ensari - Tomb of Hz. Muhammed El Ensari - Tomb of Cabir ( RA ) - Tomb of Edhem ( RA ) - Tomb of Ebu Derdag Sahabei Ikr. - Tomb of Eyup El Ensari ( RA )
Tour Itinerary

Firstly, you will meet our professional well-trained tour guide in your hotel for the Sahaba Tour on 09:00. He will give you pieces of information about sights (mentioned on highlights section) that you will visit.

We will drive to the Eyup Sultan area for the visiting to the sahabas’ graves. After visiting sahabas, we will go to Edirnekapi area. You can see the old city walls in Edirnekapi. Our last stop will be the Underground Mosque. Also, we will be able to pray zuhr, aser during our Islamic trip.

When our Islamic tour ends, you will be transferred back to your hotel on 13:30.

Inclusion & Exclusion

Professional English speaking guide.
Transportation with A/C.

30% discount for children below the age 7, free for the ages 0-2.

Departure Point: Central hotels in Istanbul.
Departure Time: 09:00
Returning Time: 13:30

Brief Info About the Sights

Islamic Places to See in Istanbul

In the following centuries, the city became dotted with many other mosques, including some impressive imperial ones, such as the famous Suleymaniye Mosque, ordered by Suleyman the Magnificent and designed by Sinan, such as Sultan Ahmet Mosque, renowned as the Blue Mosque for its exquisite interior and many others. Istanbul was the final seat of the Islamic Caliphate, from 1517 to 1924. The treasured belongings of Mohammed and the earliest Caliphs who followed him are now preserved in the Topkapi Palace and other important mosques within the city. In a recent research, there were almost 2700 active mosques in Istanbul, as well as hundreds of tombs and holy places. You will have the chance to discover the most important ones on this special Istanbul tour.

Sahaba Graves

The Islamic tour will show you some of the most important sites of the Islamic religion in Istanbul, with insightful information and stories about each visit. You will be picked up from your hotel around 09:00 and start the tour with theUnderground Mosque (Yeralti Camii), a unique mosque located in an old underground crypt of what once was the Galata Castle. Our next visits will take us to some of the most important Islamic tombs. Next, the tour will take us to the Edirnekapi area, an old neighborhood of the walled city, admiring the ancient sights. The visit of the sacred tombs continues, passing through some of the most important sites for the Islamic religion. Lastly, we will stop at the Eyup Sultan Mosque and Cemetery. As one of the first mosques in the city and the burial place of an important religious figure, the Eyup Mosque became a sacred place and still continues to draw crowds. You will be transferred back to your hotel around 13:30.

More Info About Islamic Sites in Istanbul

Following the inspiring history of the Islam in Istanbul, the first mosque of the city was built on the Asian side of the city, in Kadikoy, after being conquered by the Ottomans in 1453. On the European side of the city, the first mosque was built in 1452, located inside Rumeli Castle. In 1458, Eyup Sultan Mosque was the first grand mosque built within the city, while in 1470 the Fatih Mosque represented the first imperial mosque within the city walls. It was built on the site of the Church of the Holy Apostles, one of the most important Byzantine churches, originally constructed during the time of Constantine the Great.


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