Eating Tour in Istanbul

If you want to live like a Turkish person in one day, we suggest you book a culinary tour in Istanbul. You will taste most of the important things in this tour.
Istanbul Culinary Tour
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Dining out in Istanbul

In this Istanbul tour, there will be no historical places, but you are going to live like a Turkish person for one day. You are going to eat and drink the best Turkish drinks and foods in this eating tour. Our tour guide will give information about foods and drinks that you are going to taste. If you are looking some unusual activities in Istanbul, we suggest you join our dining out tour.

  • Starting with the traditional street food, called Simit.
  • Visiting local cafe, called kiraathane.
  • Drinking Turkish tea.
  • Go to an Ocakbasi for eating kinds of kebabs.
  • Drinking special Turkish soup, called 'Tripe Soup'.
  • Drinking Turkish coffee will be the end of the tour.
Tour Itinerary

We will pick you up from your hotels in Istanbul for the Istanbul eating tour. After that, we will bring you to the ‘Simit Bakery’ for taking the best street food in Turkey.

We will bring our choices with us to the local cafe, called ‘Kiraathane in Turkish’. After that, we will eat our simits while we are drinking delicious Turkish tea. This is the most common way for having breakfast that most of the Turkish people do.

After having our simits and the Turkish tea, we will bring you to another traditional Turkish place, called ‘Ocakbasi’. Here, you can choose your own kebab. There are too many kinds of kebabs that are waiting for you.

When we are done in Ocakbasi, we will go to Tavern, called ‘Meyhane’ for tasting Turkish alcohols and mezes. Of course, you will drink the best Turkish alcohol while you are eating your mezes. When you start your eating your mezes, there will be a Gipsy Musicians for singing for you. We are sure about that, you are going to love it!

If you think that is going to be the end of our Istanbul eating tour, you are wrong! We will offer you a special soup called ‘Iskembe Corbasi‘ (Tripe Soup). Generally, Turkish people drink that soup for diluting the effect of the alcohol.

Our last stop will be a coffee shop for drinking Turkish coffee. Most of the Turkish people drink at least one cup of coffee in one day. At the end of our eating tour in Istanbul, you will be transferred to your hotels.

Additional Info

Hotel pick up and drop off
All the foods
Limited Alcohol

Extra Alcohols

Departure Point: Central hotels in Istanbul.
Departure Time: 06:30 pm
Duration: 5 hours (approximately)


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