Byzantine & Ottoman Relics Tour in Istanbul

If you are planning to visit all the most important places in Istanbul, you should join the Byzantine and Ottoman Relics tour.
Byzantine Ottoman Relics Tour
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Istanbul Old City Tour

Istanbul is a city that offers a lot to travelers. There are so many places to visit. From the Byzantine Empire to Ottoman Empire, there are a lot of construction had been made. Even today, these constructions have remarks of the past period. After this Istanbul tour, you will know every important place as locals do.

Byzantine and Ottoman Relics tour is highly recommended for travelers. Because with this Istanbul city tour, you will see all the famous places like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, Grand Covered Bazaar and Sultan’s Tombs.

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  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Blue Mosque
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Hippodrome
  • Sultan's Tombs
Tour Itinerary

Our well-trained professional tour guide will come to your hotel at 08:30 am. He will give you a brief information about this Istanbul tour. After that, you will be transferred to the Sultanahmet area by luxury-touristic and air-conditioned vehicles.

Our first stop will be Hippodrome. The tour guide will give you all the information about the Hippodrome (Dikilitas in Turkish). When our visiting to the Hippodrome ends, you will walk to the Blue Mosque.

Our second stop will be the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque). You will able to go inside of the Blue Mosque. When the Blue Mosque trip ends, you will walk to the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Our third stop will be the Hagia Sophia Museum. You will go inside of the museum. Our tour guide will tell you everything about the Hagia Sophia Museum. our next direction will be Grand Covered Bazaar.

Our fourth stop will be the Grand Covered Bazaar. Our tour guide will give you some free time to discover the bazaar. And also, he can give you some advice for finding your needs. After visiting Grand Covered Bazaar, you will have a lunch at a local restaurant.

After the lunch, our fifth stop will be the Topkapi Palace. Topkapi Palace is so big. Because of that, you will able to visit the most important sights in the Palace. After visiting Topkapi Palace we will walk to the Sultan’s Tombs.

Our sixth stop will be the Sultan’s Tombs. When our visiting ends, the Istanbul tour will be ended. And you will be transferred back to your hotels in Istanbul about 17:00 pm.

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Inclusion & Exclusion

Professional English speaking guide.
Transportation with A/C.
All transportation fees & tickets
Parking and Road tolls
Local Taxes

Personal Expenses
Drinks at Lunch

Departure Time: 08:30
Returning Time: 17:00

Brief Info About the Sights

Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia (Santa Sophia) is built by I. Justinian as a church in 537. It was middle of the Christianity. After the conqueror of the Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet is changed the church to the mosque. And it is turned to the museum in 1935. Today, there are so many travelers are visiting Hagia Sophia Museum.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque is built by I. Ahmet in 1617. Because of the blue ceramics, European People called Blue Mosque. The real name is Sultan Ahmet Mosque. When the Hagia Sophia turned into the museum, this mosque becomes the main mosque in Istanbul.


Hippodrome is located in the middle of the Sultanahmet Square. It is brought by The Roman Emperor I. Theodosius from the Egypt. Today, this ancient Egypt structure is visiting by so many travelers.

Grand Covered Bazaar

There are over 4000 more shops in the Grand Bazaar. You can find anything you want, from spices to souvenirs. Our tour guide can give you tips for the best shops. Because it is not possible to visit all the streets.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is built by Conqueror of the Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Ottoman Empire is managed from here about 400 years. Once upon a time, there were 4000 people lived in the palace. For sure, it is worth to see this palace.


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