Black Sea Tour in Istanbul

In the Black Sea day tour, you will able to visit Sile-Agva region. You can book this tour with the best price and service guarantee.
Sile Agva Istanbul Tour
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Sile and Agva Tour

There are so many different sides of the Istanbul City. From history to nature… You can explore the green-relax side of the Istanbul. In the Black Sea (Sile-Agva) region, you can do it easily. You will be amazed when you see the nature of the Sile.

Goksu River is famous for the boat trip. You can make a boat trip on the river and get relax. It is the best way to get rid of the noise of a crowded city. And also, Sile is famous for its beaches. You can swim in the sea if you wish.

To sum up, if you want to see the green side of Istanbul, you should join this tour with the best price guarantee.

  • Sile
  • Agva
  • Sile Lighthouse
  • Goksu River
Tour Itinerary

Our tour guide will come to your hotel at 09:00 am. He will give you a brief information for the Black Sea tour. After the briefing, you will be transferred by luxury-touristic vehicles.

You will pass the Bosphorus Bridge and go through Sile region. Firstly, we will visit Sile Fishing Town. And then, we will go to Agva. Green nature waits for you in the Agva. Agva region is encircled by two rivers (Yesilcay and Goksu Rivers).

If you want, you can make a boat trip on the Goksu River. You will be enjoyed on the river. When you will see the clean water, you will be amazed. Local people say that “Meeting of the green nature and water”.

You will have a lunch at a local restaurant after the boat trip. After the lunch, you will have some free time for relaxing. For sure, you can take amazing photos in there. Or, instead of free time, you can swim in the sandy beaches of the Agva. (Please bring your swimming suits if you want to swim.)

Our Black Sea day tour will be ended with the swimming or free time in the forest. You will be transferred back to your hotel at 19:00 pm. And on the road, we will take a tea break.

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Inclusion & Exclusion

Professional English-Arabic speaking guide.
Transportation with A/C.
All transportation fees & tickets
Parking and Road tolls
Local Taxes

Personal Expenses
Drinks at Lunch

Departure Time: 09:00
Returning Time: 19:00

You are kindly requested to present your self at the pickup point 15 minutes prior the pre-advised pickup time.
30% discount for children under the age 7, free for the ages 0-2.

Brief Info About the Sights


In the history, Agva is home to Hittites, Frigs, Romans, and Ottomans. So it means, this region carries so many traces of different cultures. In Latin language, Agva means “A village that built between two rivers”. It is located north of the Istanbul City. There are two famous rivers in there. These are Goksu and Yesilcay Rivers.  The water goes in the middle of Agva and leaks to the Black Sea.

Goksu River is more touristic than Yesilcay River. Because fishermen use this river. There are several hotels on the shore of the river.


Sile is a cute county that homes to people who came from Istanbul. It’s about 60 kilometers far away from Istanbul. This place generally visited by daily. There are a lot of summer houses in Sile.

The name of Sile comes from ancient Greece and it means “wildflower”. Sile is the best option for travelers who want to get relaxed. This place will make you forget whole the chaos of the city.


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