3 Islands Tour in Istanbul

There are so many amazing places in the Istanbul City. If you want to explore something new, join the three islands (Princes' Islands) tour in Istanbul.
3 islands tour
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Istanbul - Three Islands Tour

This Istanbul city tour will be the best option for travelers who want to see the other side of the city. 3 Islands (Kinali Island, Heybeli Island and Big Island) in Istanbul has one of the best locations in Istanbul. You can make a bike trip in Kinali Island or you can ride a phaeton. And also you can swim in the Islands as you wish. (Please bring your swimming suit if you are planning to swim.)

There are so many old villas in the Islands. For sure, you can take great photos. You can join this amazing Istanbul tour with the best price guarantee.

  • Kinali Island
  • Heybeli Island
  • Big Island
Tour Itinerary

You will be picked up from your hotel at 09:00 and transfer to the Golden Horn. You will sail through Bosphorus and go to Kinali Island. When our trip ends on the island, you will go the second island, Heybeli Island. When the Heybeli Island tour ends, you will go to the Big Island.

Our Istanbul tour will be ended about 17:00. And you will be transferred to your hotels.

Check this tour: Princes’ Island Tour in Istanbul.

You can read the detailed itinerary below.

Inclusion & Exclusion

Professional English speaking guide.
Transportation with A/C.
Lunch (drinks are extra)
All transportation fees & tickets
Horsdrawn Carriage Tour
Parking and Road tolls
Local Taxes

Personal Expenses
Drinks at the Lunch

Departure Time: 09:00
Returning Time: 17:00

Brief Info About the Sights

Cruise on The Bosphorus

Firstly, our professional and well-trained tour guide will come to your hotels and he will give information about the Princes’ Islands tour. Then, you will be transferred by luxury touristic vehicles to the private boat. The private boat will be in the Golden Horn. When our guests arrive on the boat, we will sail through to the Bosphorus. When you are sailing in the Bosphorus, our tour guide will give you information about the places that you will see.

Kinali Island

Our first stop will be Kinali Island. It is a small island, but so many attractions to do in the island. You can make a bike trip or you can swim in the island. Local people are so friendly, so you can make a conservation with them. When we are done in the Kinali Island, we will go to our private boat and continue our Istanbul city tour.

Heybeli Island

Our second stop will be the Heybeli Island. This island is famous for its phaetons. So, you can ride a phaeton on the island. Also, you can swim in the island as you wish. There are so many old structures in the island. You can catch amazing views, and take photos of them. When our tour is done in the Heybeli Island, we will go to the private boat and sail through our final island.

Big Island

Our last stop will be the famous Big Island. It is the biggest island of the Princes’ Islands. If you want to make a phaeton trip, you have more area than the Heybeli Island. We suggest if you want to make a phaeton trip, do it on the Big Island. There are so many amazing cafes in the island. We can have a sit one of them, and talk with the local people as well. Also, you will have a chance to swim in the island. When our Big Island tour ends, we will go to our private boat and go back to Golden Horn.

When we arrive in Golden Horn, you will be transferred back to your hotels at 17:00.


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